Commercial Electricians

All City Electrical and Lighting Commercial Electricians are selected regularly by major contractors located in Riverside County and  San Bernardino County to be the electrical sub-contractor on significant commercial projects.  These projects include federal, state, city, church, retail, medical, educational, office complex, and private enterprises.  

Commercial electricians install, maintain, inspect and repair electrical systems in commercial buildings. These are any buildings that are not used as residences, so they are generally larger than the buildings in which residential electricians work. An exception is a large apartment building, which may be considered commercial rather than residential. 

Here are examples of responsibilities from real commercial and industrial electrician resumes representing typical tasks we perform in our roles.

  • Remove, analyze, identify issue install properly working pressure transducers, effectively accomplishing priorities to go underway.
  • Install electrical conduit, breaker panels, transformers, junction boxes, surface metal raceway, and electrical pvc.
  • Follow the NEC code precisely.
  • Install EMT piping and wiring as per blueprints in commercial properties.
  • Perform minor repairs, such as replacing fuses, light sockets, bulbs and switches.
  • Complete conveyor system controls, PLC terminations, install rigid pipe, pull wire to terminate.
  • Troubleshoot variable speed drive motor controller for water treatment plant and water tower PLC in field.
  • Install the conduits and runs the electrical wiring, terminate at switches, circuit breaker panels and relays.
  • Change or install panels, run wire, bend and/or run electrical conduit/pipe – EMT and rigid pipe.
  • Work from ladders, scaffolds, and roofs to install, maintain and/or repair electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures.
  • Use Autodesk (3D model) and blueprint specifications for layout and make sure that installation meet Intel requirement and NEC.
  • Install new commercial building systems including electrical distribution, lighting, security, telecommunications and HVAC.
  • Retrofit lights for inside of bus barns.
  • Repair, retrofit, and modification of manufacturing and production facilities